Welcome to Dance 2018-2019!!

I'm so happy to say that we have many new students taking dance this year, for the first time. Here's a few things you should know:
Dancers at NPAA will be learning a variety of dance styles that are not limited to, but include jazz, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, cultural and Broadway, with ballet as their foundation.
All dancers in 1st and 4th periods will change in the PE locker rooms, therefore, will need to buy a lock from our school, in the main office. Locks are $5.00.
All dancers will wear a plain black t-shirt that fits comfortably. They may also buy a dance t-shirt for $10.00, from me. For the bottom, all dancers have a choice of wearing either black capri/full length leggings/joggers/track pants/sweats. No shorts. Ideally, girls should wear athletic bras, preferably black.
Dance shoes are not required. Most of the time dancers will either be barefoot or in socks. I recommend that they have sandals/slippers to protect their feet when walking to and from the locker rooms.
Due to our flooring, it would be best if each dancer invest in their own yoga mat.
Dance students may bring only water into the dance room.
Please feel free to email me at crico@erusd.org should you have additional questions.
Thank you for your support in the performing arts!