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Math 7

Mrs. Ponciano’s Math 7 Classes
[email protected] • (562) 801-7570 • Room 605 •

Materials Required in Class Everyday

  • Pencils & erasers
  • Composition or spiral notebooks
  • Highlighters & colored pencils
  • Protractor (or transparent ruler)
  • Graph paper, 1 package
  • School issued Chromebook, charged
  • Optional: Scientific calculator (TI-30X IIS)
  • CPM textbook may be kept at home 

Grading Policy

25% – Tests   
25% – Quizzes             
25% – Classwork
25% – Homework 

Please note:
The final semester grade may be based on a student’s test & quiz average only, if it is higher than their overall average. 

Student Expectations

  • Be respectful, responsible and safe.
  • Inappropriate behavior can result in a referral and a U (unsatisfactory) on their progress/report card. 

Assignments (Classwork & Homework)

•    All assignments are to be completed in a notebook, in pencil. 
•    Assignments must show work; answers only won’t receive credit.
•    All assignments are due on Google Classroom by Friday; late assignments will lose points.
•    If absent, it’s the student's responsibility to look up and submit missed assignments on Google Classroom, in a timely manner.
•    There will be no extra credit assignments.   

Assignment Resources/Help   


Quizzes & Tests

  • Students are allowed to submit corrections for each quiz/test, once.
  • The new score will be the average of the corrected and original scores.