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Math 7

Mrs. Ponciano’s Math 7 Classes • (562) 801-7570 • Room 605 •

Materials Required in Class Everyday
• Pencils & erasers
• At least 2 composition (or spiral) notebooks
• 3-prong portfolio folder (provided)
• Red pens, highlighters & colored pencils
• Protractor (or transparent ruler)
• Graph paper, 1 package
• Optional: Scientific calculator (TI-30X IIS)
• CPM textbook may be kept at home
Grading Policy
30% – Tests
30% – Quizzes
20% – Class Assignments
20% – Independent/Homework Assignments

All students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA (from 6th through 8th grade) in order to be eligible to participate in all end of the year activities for both 7th and 8th grade, including the promotion ceremony.
• Students may receive a referral and/or a U (unsatisfactory) on their progress/report card for:
    o demonstrating inappropriate, disruptive and/or disrespectful behavior in class
    o accumulating 5 or more tardies during the semester (as noted in the student handbook).
• Any student who receives more than one U for citizenship may be excluded from participating in field trips and/or school activities such as the 7th grade beach field trip and Lancerpalooza.
Assignments (Classwork & Independent Work)
• All assignments are to be completed in a notebook, in pencil.
• Late independent (i.e., homework) assignments will lose points.
• It is the student's responsibility to submit missed assignments immediately, upon return.
• There will be no extra credit assignments.
Assignment Resources/Help
• Google Classroom (assignments, updates and resources - only students):
• Mrs. Ponciano’s NPAA webpage: → Classes/Homework → Math → Period # (under Mrs. Ponciano)
• CPM Online Resources (homework help, e-book, etc.):
• Math Help: Online resources (such as “how to” video links, notes and classwork examples) will be regularly posted on Google Classroom and Mrs. Ponciano’s webpage.
Quizzes & Tests
• Students are allowed one retake of any chapter/unit test, with a signed request form. If improved, retake scores will replace the original score. Students may only retake tests, after school, with Mrs. Ponciano.
• Students are allowed to submit corrected quizzes, once, for each quiz. The new score will be the average of the corrected and original quiz scores.