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What??? No Collar???

That's right, our dress code has changed and we will no longer require you to wear a collared shirt. HOWEVER, (notice this is in capital letters indicating that what comes next is very important) you still have a dress code to follow. After all you are preparing for life ....and life has rules, including some dress code guidelines. Click on the words: What??? No Collar?? for more info.

Meet our new Assistant Principal

North Park Middle School would like to welcome our new Assistant Principal, Mr. Gabriel Gonzalez! Mr. Gonzalez joined the El Rancho Unified School District in 1998. He was a math teacher at Salazar Continuation High School for 10 years. He became the dean of students at EL Rancho high school and was then promoted to the Assistant Principal of guidance at El Rancho High School the following year. Mr. Gonzalez believes in the importance of building positive relationships with students, parents and teachers and he is a wonderful addition to the North Park family!
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