What??? No Collar???


Our goal at North Park Academy is to have

students dress safely and modestly to maximize

learning for all students. This dress program helps

establish an atmosphere where students

concentrate on their learning. Clothes should be

neat, clean, and reflect good taste and decency.



Note: The following is not a Uniform Policy;

therefore, NO WAIVERS will be granted.

The following clothing/accessories are NOT
  • Shorts/skirts which are shorter than mid thigh

    and shorts/pants with holes above mid thigh.
  • Crop tops or bare midriff tops, Strapless or one

    strap halter tops or any type of shear or hole

    revealing clothing.
  • Excessive wide and baggy pants/shorts. All

    pants/skirts/shorts must be worn correctly

    around the waist and no visible undergarments.

    Long socks may not be pulled up to meet shorts.
  • Any gang related attire. Professional team

    jerseys are NOT allowed.
  • Any tagging related attire is not permitted (e.g.

    spray can or sharpie print shirts).
  • Belts must be of the appropriate size, and the

    ends may not dangle or hang down. Initial or

    logo belt buckles may not be worn.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Shoes must

    have a firm sole. No flip-flops, sandals,

    “chanclas”, slippers, etc. Steel toed or reinforced

    footwear may not be worn.
  • Hats, caps, and hoods may not be worn at

    school. The only exceptions are head coverings

    worn for medical, religious reasons, or official

    North Park Academy of The Arts headgear, or

    for special hat days announced by the school.
  •  Ear piercing is permitted, however, hoops,

    dangling earrings, and ear spikes are not

    permitted for student’s safety. Facial piercings

    of any sort are not permitted, including but not

    limited to nose, tongue or lip piercings. 
Clothing and accessories may not be worn if they:
  • Are disruptive to the educational program
  • Are offensive
  • Contain obscene or sexual drawings or messages
  • Advertise or represent alcohol, drugs, tobacco or illegal substances
  • Suggest gang affiliation (socks pulled up to meet shorts, sports jerseys, logos etc.)
  • Identify a group of students for the purpose of harassing, threatening, or intimidating others