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Mrs. Sermeno will have a substitute on Tuesday 9/20.  She is at a training for PBIS.  

Beginning Friday, June 3rd, backpack will not be allowed at school.  Students will have to bring their basic supplies and carry them in their arms.

Math Students there will be a test on Chapter 3 on Friday, 1/29/16.  Study your notes to prepare.

Dear Parents, I will be out all week, due to the death of my father.  Ms. Hendrix may or may not assign homework.  I will return next week.  Thank you for understanding.  Mrs. Sermeno
Just a reminder, with the new year comes the new policy that late homework will no longer be accepted.  Absent students will still be able to turn in their homework with a limited time to return it complete.  

All math students please return the signed Signature Page from your agenda on Tuesday, September 1st. Thank you. Mrs. Sermeno

We will be testing from 5/26 through 6/2.  During this time there will be limited or no homework assigned.  Any missing assignments should be made up at this time.


Notices were given to students who need to come to Saturday School May 9th. This is the only opportunity to make up any missing assignments for April.


All missing, absent and redo papers must be turned in no later than March 23rd.  I will be at school on Saturday, March 21st for any student who wants to make up work for the deadline. March 23rd is the last day to turn in missing assignments this quarter.